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What is a Japanese Fan?

Fans are portable accessories made of various characteristic elements. They symbolize the Japanese culture and have been part of the country’s history for many years. Nowadays, Japanese fans are seen as fashion objects and are also used as a medium for artistic expression. These Japanese accessories have distinct characteristics and are used in different ways.

What is the history of Japanese fans?

According to the legend, Japan is the first evidence of the existence of the Japanese fan. It was discovered in the murals of a burial mound. It has a great history in the country and is distinguished by its many features.

The Japanese fan: a delicate fashion accessory

In Japan, the Japanese fan is identified as the most classic fashion accessory. As a souvenir, most tourists buy at least one fan when they leave the country. There are basically two types of fans:

uchiwa ;
the ogi.

The first one is usually oval, round or square in shape and has a fixed handle that cannot be folded. Because of its ping-pong-like appearance, this fan is often adopted at parties. Unlike its counterpart, the ogi is the most famous Japanese fan in the world. It is foldable and usually made of bamboo and covered with a Japanese washi sheet. The latter is also covered with a flexible and relatively strong mulberry filament paper.

How to use a Japanese fan?

A Japanese fan can be used for different occasions and can be combined with many traditional clothes. It can also serve your room with a Japanese wall art or a Japanese mask like the kitsune mask

How to open a Japanese fan?

Japanese fans are elegant accessories and quite easy to handle. For a better use, it is advised to unfold them in a fluid and peaceful way. This will enhance their beauty and keep them for a long time. In a practical way, their use consists in moving in a subtle way the wooden slats. The ideal way is to slide them using your left thumb. In addition, it is important to point the other side of the accessory where the pattern is located outwards.

The goal is to make it visible to everyone. On the other hand, a Japanese fan can also be very popular for its smell. So, don’t hesitate to opt for sandalwood or Japanese cypress models. These have a pleasant natural scent. However, you also have the possibility to perfume your accessory yourself. For example, you can delicately spray your fan with a perfume of your choice. It is also possible to store it in a closet with some incense to give it a good scent.

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