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Kimono jacket for women

Extremely rich and subtle, Japanese culture has fascinated Western nations since antiquity. One of the characteristics of this cultural richness can be found in the clothing.
Traditional Japanese clothing is an integral part of Japanese culture. Some of these garments have been worn in Japan for centuries. Kimono, yukata, japanese haori, geta… all testify to the Japanese elegance, very different from our western clothes.

The bohemian kimono

The bohemian look is a fashion that draws its inspiration from the artistic culture and freedom of movement of the 1960s and 1970s. It is characterized by loose, comfortable clothing, often adorned with ethnic patterns or bright, bold colors.

The women’s kimono can be considered bohemian in style because of its loose shape and original patterns. Japanese tunics can be made of soft and comfortable materials, such as cotton or silk, and can be adorned with ethnic patterns, bright colors and delicate details.

The bohemian kimono can be worn to create a bohemian look by wearing it with other loose, comfortable clothing, such as bell-bottom pants or long, flowing dresses (if your kimono is short enough). It can also be accessorized with ethnic jewelry or geta to add a touch of originality.

In summary, the kimono can be considered bohemian looking because of its loose shape and original patterns, as well as the way it can be worn and accessorized to create a casual and artistic look.

The traditional Japanese kimono

Japanese tunics were traditionally used in Japan as everyday clothing until they were replaced by Western clothing in the 1930s and became associated with politeness and manners.
The garment is now only worn on important holidays or formal occasions. Worn by women in Japan. This Japanese garment is usually made from cotton or silk and can be decorated with many distinctive patterns.They are often worn on festivals or special occasions, but they can also be worn as a simple casual dress. It has become a Japanese kimono worn by women in Japan.
The women’s cardigan or kimono jacket is a garment that originated mostly in Japan and quickly spread to other cultures! This garment is adapted according to the seasons:

The katabira for the summer or more commonly the beach kimono
The hitoe often made of silk for the summer too
The uchikake made of silk with a quilted fabric and which is worn without obi belt, for winter!

This outfit is very important for a woman in Japan, it is light, colorful and with many impressive designs. It will fit you perfectly if you like to be elegant and will allow you to change from the conventional look in France. The dress kimono or long kimono is a must in Japan, especially during parties! (Wedding, etc.)

The Japanese cardigan for women in addition to being elegant with its straight cut fits all morphologies! In satin or cotton, you will find your pearl! a sober garment or a little more extravagant, it’s up to you! With a design of a demon (yokai) or with bird wings? With elemental patterns such as fire, water or simple geometric patterns.

Adopt a casual way of dressing with Japanese clothes designed for you women. With its long and wide sleeves, this outfit stands out from other clothes. Borrowed from the Japanese culture, the women’s kimono is surely the most comfortable jacket that you must wear in mid-season. The style is a matter of personal choice. Nevertheless, it is important to determine the right style for you.

On the other hand, for an elegant style, you can wear your kimono jacket over straight cuffed pants. To have a more casual way, it is recommended to wear a tank top or a T-shirt under your garment and then leave it open. You can also wear it with a dark colored dress or rather black with a shorty. For a more conventional style, opt for a short or long kimono, fluid, clear or rather discreet that you can associate with pants.

This tunic designed for women is available in several models. So, no matter your morphology, you are free to put the belt or not. If your kimono jacket is dark and solid color, you can associate it with a white or dark T-shirt with jeans. Similarly, regardless of the cut of your pants, this outfit brings a touch of dressiness while maintaining, however, the casual style.

Indeed, the kimono jacket can be quite long, but there are also shorter models. The long models are rather reserved for women of large size, otherwise, you can appear shorter than you actually were.

How to wear a kimono for women?

To wear a Japanese cardigan you usually need an obi belt but our women’s kimonos already have built-in belts to make it easier for you! If you choose this garment with an obi belt, the knot must be in the back to respect the Japanese codes!

Some of these clothes don’t have a belt, because they are worn like this. It gives a casual attitude! So be sure to read the description of our traditional clothes!

Femme qui porte un kimono pour femme et un eventail
Femme avec un kimono

The kimono for women will be worn differently in the West than in Japan, because we don’t have the same dress code. We advise you to choose a t-shirt or a tank top and to have the kimono on top of it, so you can see your tank top. For the bottom it is preferable to have shorts or then a thin jogging / thin pants if you have a kimono jacket (the kimono does not exceed your hips).

For a long kimono (the edges which exceed the hips) it is preferable to put something very fine not to be hot in summer, or not to put anything at all because the kimono will act like a dress.

In winter you can wear a jogging / legging to be warmer.

This tunic is a super practical garment that you can combine with many pieces. You also have the possibility to wear your kimono in more structured versions. This coat pairs perfectly with basics such as jeans, shorts or a little dungarees.

There are a variety of types of kimono jackets for women: open, closed, solid color, fringed, with or without a belt … That’s why it is necessary to know the use you want to make your kimono before your purchase. It is also important to know how and with what to wear the kimono. Although many people confuse kimonos with Japanese pajamas, there is a very big difference between these two garments.

Women’s kimonos are not as common in the West. It is used a lot indoors by women because of its comfort and casual look. Outside the home, women in the West prefer to opt for Japanese kimonos which are actually Japanese jackets. In practice, for garments with obi, you should make sure to cross the left side over the right one and then maintain this position by tying the obi facing the back. Nevertheless, for kimonos without obi, you are free to wear it as you want according to your gender.

Once considered an undergarment, the kimono is no longer one. In addition to being a traditional garment, it has become an artistic, modern garment worn by many women for special occasions like weddings. Thus, in Japanese culture, the kimono is very symbolic and should not be worn anyhow. But in the West, it is possible to let your imagination run wild. Depending on the model you choose and the use you want to make of it, you can adapt the kimono to your content.

When to wear a woman’s kimono?

There are several models of women’s kimono on the market and each of them is specific to particular occasions or seasons. A woman can wear this garment for any occasion.

All countries have seasons and the kimono adapts to these circumstances. It is possible to wear it during ceremonies but also to wear a kimono as a bathrobe or pajamas! The kimono is a very general expression that can be declined in several varieties.

A woman’s night kimono for fall and winter

Winter is a season in which temperatures are even lower than in the fall. During this period when the cooler weather is in full swing, Japanese women wear lined kimonos. In areas where snow is more abundant, a layer of cotton is usually inserted between the two silk layers of the kimono. In the West, women will usually wear a thinner, more refined kimono to use as a bathrobe or pajamas. This is a good season to wear night kimono with a floral design to remember the summer!

The kimono can be worn as a robe when getting out of the shower or bath, or for relaxing at home. It is usually worn over clothing, making it easy to put on and quick to remove. It can also be worn as a robe during spa or massage sessions, where it is often used to dress clients before and after their treatment. The night kimono is therefore a comfortable and practical garment that can be worn as a bathrobe in various relaxation and wellness situations.

The night kimono is usually a long kimono that is worn to sleep, it is used as a pyjama but it is not a bathrobe like others, it is a real kimono jacket with flowers (or not) made of silk. It will be your new asset to be sensual and sexy after getting out of the bath! Ideal to relax after Christmas Eve or to offer it as a gift.

Kimono sensuel pour femme

A flowery woman kimono for the beach

The yukata is a type of light kimono worn in summer in Japan. It is usually made from cotton and decorated with many decorative patterns. The yukata is easy to put on and take off, which makes it ideal for people who want to cool off on hot summer days. In addition, the yukata can be worn at home as a casual dress. The beach kimono is ideal for wandering around the beach and enjoying the nice weather! This kind of kimono is available in many different colors: light colors like pink, dark blue to have a very dark complexion or flashy colors like red. This kind of kimono offers a lot of options in its colors as well as in its designs and all this for a very correct price thanks to its thinness.

Kimono de plage pour femme

Floral kimonos are generally considered to be pretty because of their colorful and ornate floral designs. Flowers are often associated with beauty, cheerfulness and life, which can give the kimono a cheerful and elegant look.

Many flowery garments from Japan are also made from soft and comfortable materials, which makes them pleasant to wear and touch. They can be worn to add a touch of color and style to an outfit, or simply to relax at home.

There are many variations of floral kimonos, with different patterns and colors that can be adapted to different tastes and occasions. Some floral kimonos are also adorned with delicate details, such as sequins or beads, which can add a touch of glamour and sophistication.

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