Who are we?

Personnage streetwear avec katana

A group of friends passionate about Japanese culture, who have been immersed in manga and anime (Berserk, Naruto, GTO, One Piece…) But also in a very pronounced streetwear culture with a taste for original clothes thanks to rap and hip-hop!

So our dream was to unite a Japanese identity with streetwear to give Japanese streetwear!

Our designer has always had a penchant for dragons japanese and adventure that symbolizes the power of the ocean! And an adventure does not happen without sailing through our oceans like the Mugiwara no Ichimi.

Moreover the ocean represents for us the immensity of our world by its size and its unknown, indeed only 5% of the oceans of our planet were explored while the ocean alone represents 70% of our planet Earth. This is how Streetwear japanese was born.

Our vision for the future

We want to offer you more and more diversified and better quality clothes with a price defying any competition! Indeed we have very low margins because our goal is to make you love the Japanese culture!

Our team would like to conquer the world in the future and expand internationally, but also to open physical stores for the happiness of our customers! We are very open, so if you have any ideas or remarks: contact@streetwear-japanese.com

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