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When we think of Japan, we think directly of its fascinating culture (rituals, visual arts, legends and traditions…), its beautiful landscapes with cherry trees, the valiant samurais who put forward the Japanese martial arts, Taoism. The Japanese culture often refers to the manual know-how in particular in the manufacture of beautiful rings in several styles for each. For both men and women, there are well-made rings that reflect the craftsmanship of the Japanese.

1.Japanese ring for men

Japanese rings for men are a big part of Japanese jewelry. They are different according to the model desired. Therefore, the male model differs from the female model.  Also called “signet ring”, the ring for men is a decorative accessory as well as a symbolic object with a special story. Japanese jewelry creates rings by combining tradition, for the meaning contained in the jewel, and modernism for the creation of the object in question. What makes a Japanese ring for men special is that even though it is an accessory to be worn on the finger, it does not cause any discomfort to its owner. Thus, the gentlemen can work freely. Moreover, the rings for men are not models exclusively made for male customers, women can also opt for them.

The first thing to consider when choosing a Japanese ring for men, is to set an idea on the style of jewelry that suits you. Indeed, like all accessories, your ring should complement your look. There are a lot of ring styles for men.

In Japanese jewelry, you can find silver rings for men that offer a more chic and elegant style to the gentlemen’s outfit. For a more discreet style, steel, bronze, ceramic or cobalt rings are available. In addition, the metals chosen to make a man’s ring are highly resistant and make your look stand out to look more stylish. At affordable prices, Japanese men’s rings reflect a luxury and sophisticated look to complement the gentlemen’s outfit and enhance their appearance. For a more decorative touch, you can choose rings set with diamond or multi-carat gold or quartz, depending on your taste. If you want to buy a Japanese ring for men as a gift, remember to take the correct measurements of the person’s finger.

As for the style of Japanese rings for men, there are many different types of engravings.  You can find rings with engraving of a kind of Japanese fox, it is the Kitsune ring. The heraldic signet ring Samurai is also a male model of the range of rings for men even if the engraving recalls the cherry blossom, a typical flower of Japan.

As an example of Japanese rings for men, there is the silver dragon ring “Ryujin”. Note that the dragon is a sacred animal very present in Japanese stories and legends. The dragon is associated with the two traits that make the Japanese culture impressive: wisdom and philosophy without forgetting the great respect to nature of Taoism, a Japanese religion. This ryujin dragon ring is a light ring, very resistant and easy to maintain.

You can also get rings that represent Japanese deities like the Hindu shining steel ring, engraved with Japanese characters all over the surface. These types of rings will be perfect for your engagement.

2.Japanese ring for women

Japanese rings for women are mostly recognizable by their bright colors. Set with pearls, sapphire, yellow gold and other sparkling gemstones, Japanese rings are as beautiful as they are durable and adjustable. This makes them adjustable rings. They complete a lady’s look by adding a touch of finesse and elegance. However, the style that the rings provide varies depending on the precious metals used in their manufacture.

Japanese rings for women are usually made of stainless steel. This means that the jewelry will not blacken or leave a noticeable mark on the skin.  With rings adorned with sparkling gemstones like amethyst, emerald, or even wedding rings with ruby gems, women will look more glamorous. The difference between Japanese rings and costume jewelry is that Japanese rings for women bring a more sophisticated touch. This is perfect to enhance your evening wear as they can also be matched with gold and silver jewelry.

Japanese rings for women are also made from precious metals like rhodium-plated silver or sterling silver. They are also available in several colors such as turquoise, which looks quite classy and chic but discreet. The blue topaz color will go wonderfully with your sober outfits by bringing a touch of finesse and a subtle classic side. In addition, for your gala, evening wear or even a city wear, the brighter colors like green, purple and red, the Japanese rings for women will be the small details to perfect the whole.  What makes this ring can be matched with a whole set or assortment of Japanese bracelet and Japanese necklace, perfect mix for lovers of Japanese jewelry.

The Japanese ring for women is also a great choice if you are looking for an engagement ring for your partner. In addition, the ring comes with a case so there is no risk of losing the jewelry.

3.Japanese steel rings

Many jewelers have Japanese rings made from steel among their items.  These include the Samurai ring, the Asian ring, the Japanese ring. For those who want rings with special engravings, there is also the carp ring which reminds the Japanese carp (Koi carp), the snake ring. There is also the dragon ring model, symbol of wisdom and Japanese philosophy. There is also the Tibetan ring decorated with symbols and various characters for decoration.  There is also the Buddha ring and the Celtic ring, the kanji ring and the lotus ring. For people who want a ring with a rather old style, reminiscent of ancient times, there is the vintage Japanese ring. So, there are a lot of choices for customers to settle on the type of ring that suits your taste and personality. Besides, what makes the advantage of the steel ring is that the jewelry is adjustable. It can be adjusted so that the ring perfectly fits the shape of your finger.

4.Japanese silver rings

A small Japanese ring can already be an object of amazement for people given the decorations on the said thing but if in addition the jewel is a big ring and what is more silver, it is even more incredible.  Silver is one of the brightest and most brilliant precious metals so the small detail that your ring represents will make it more remarkable. The sterling silver ring, with engraved S925 to S999 hallmark, will turn heads as you pass. Dare to embrace your passion and show everyone that you love Japan and its culture with Japanese silver rings and wedding bands.

In order to make your look perfectly in line with the Japanese style, we recommend you to add some other accessories such as the obi belt and to swap your classic outfits for traditional Japanese clothes. To broaden your sartorial horizons, you can also choose Japanese cultural clothing items such as Yukata to wear during summer seasons.

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