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The meaning of the kitsune mask

In Japan, masks are very illustrative in some cultural events. These props are not only for decoration. They can also translate/represent stories.

Kitsune mask is one of the most famous masks in Japan, but also in manga.

Because of the richness of Japanese culture, masks can be divided into several categories: Noh, Kagura, Kyogen and Shinto.

In the culture of Japan, Kitsunes have a special history. These creatures play a vital role in folklore and religion. Thus, despite the variety of Japanese masks, kitsune masks are still used in many festivals.

It is also common for Japanese women to wear a half mask of a vixen for cosplay or other disguises. Some will use it for Halloween!

The different types of Kitsune

In Japanese mythology, there are different types of Kitsune, which are distinguished mainly by their color and number of tails. Here are some examples of the types of Kitsune commonly mentioned in legends and traditional stories:

White Kitsune: White Kitsune are considered to be particularly powerful and wise. They are continually associated with the deity Inari and are considered protectors of wildlife.
Red Kitsune: Red Kitsune are generally portrayed as passionate and impulsive. They are generally associated with the deity of love and passion, and are considered creatures capable of provoking love or hate in humans.
Black Kitsune: Black Kitsune are mostly described as dark mysterious beings, often associated with black magic and death. They are sometimes seen as evil, but can also be seen as protectors of the afterlife.

There are also other types of Kitsune, such as the Two-Tailed Kitsune, who are considered very powerful and wise beings, and the Nine-Tailed Kitsune, who are considered divine and almost invincible.

It is important to note that these different types of Kitsune are often used symbolically in legends and stories.

The Kitsune mask tattoo

A Kitsune mask tattoo can be an interesting choice for those who are interested in the civilization of Japan and its mythical legends. The Kitsune mask symbolizes wisdom, cunning and quick thinking, as well as the link between the spiritual and physical worlds.

There are many different designs for a Kitsune mask tattoo, ranging from simple, minimalist designs to more intricate, detailed designs. The choice of design will depend on your personal taste and what you wish to represent with your tattoo.

It’s important to take the time to think carefully about the placement and size of your tattoo, as well as what you want it to mean. Also, make sure you use a professional tattoo artist to get a quality and safe result.

The kitsune mask in manga

In manga, the Kitsune mask is often used as a decorative or costume element for characters who are associated with Japanese mythology or popular culture. It can be worn by characters who are supposed to be Kitsune themselves, or who are simply inspired by these mythical creatures.

The Kitsune mask can be used in different ways in manga, depending on the context and the character wearing it. For example, it can be worn by a sneaky and cunning character to reflect his character traits, or by a powerful and mysterious character to reinforce his aura of mystery.

In the Naruto manga, we can see the Anbu shadow soldiers wearing kitsune masks and also in the Dragon ball manga with gohan’s grandfather wearing a Japanese mask.

The Kitsune mask can also be used to create a mystical or mysterious atmosphere in a story, or to add a touch of Japanese folklore and culture to a manga. In general, the Kitsune mask is a popular element in manga that is inspired by Japanese mythology or popular culture. The samurai mask and the Japanese fan go very well with this mask

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