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What is a Japanese down jacket?

Japan is known worldwide for its culture rich in history, legends, know-how and other human values.  Also, the Japanese have been particularly recognized for their creativity and originality in all sectors of activity including fashion where many inventions have been attributed to them, creation of useful accessories: the Japanese down jacket.  These clothes are as practical as stylish and are loved by children and adults. In the following article, we have gathered for you information that will help you make the right choice when you decide to buy Japanese down jackets.

Streetwear jacket

Japanese down jackets can also be used as streetwear jackets. The casual and stylish sides of these streetwear bombers will benefit you if you’re the kind of person who wants to stand out from the people around. Designed from high quality materials, especially with the synthetic fiber manufacturing makes the jacket material thin and resistant without forgetting the insulating side. Therefore, the streetwear jacket, like the sukajan, will be a good choice of clothing for cool and rainy weather. Hence, the waterproof side of the Japanese streetwear jacket. Although many streetwear jackets have a hood, others do not. That’s why you can find jackets with a high collar that can reach up to the ears. Finally, the wide choice of colors and style to adopt makes this jacket also suitable for the fall-winter weather, like the streetwear windbreaker. These jackets are generally intended for people in the “biker” category. This garment will therefore make us think of the Lacoste logo because of its toughness.

Sleeveless down jacket

These types of down jackets reflect varsity jackets streetwear of the American rock culture of the 30s.  The ever-trendy style of these sleeveless down jackets has made them still fashionable nowadays. Almost all age groups, children, youth, adults, love this type of sleeveless jacket. But above all, we notice that university students are the most fond of this model of down jacket. In order to identify themselves, they put patches or logos of their study center on the side parts of the garment. The logos are largely inspired by the supreme logo

Streetwear jacket for men and women

Both men and women, each category of people is entitled to its own model of Japanese down jacket.

Men have the right to unique down jackets that can perfect the outfit. The down jackets bring a touch of finesse and elegance, which will totally make the chic and trendy look of the men’s outfits. For those who like a very casual urban style, the jean jacket type down jackets are also available in the stores and can be a part of your wardrobe without any problem. At affordable prices, customers can afford good quality coats, made of durable materials and resistant to critical weather conditions. The clean lines and straight cut as well as the belt at the waist is reminiscent of the trendy style called “techwear”.

For the female audience, there are Japanese jackets from the streetwear fashion. Nowadays, women are more and more attracted by the urban style. As the casual look is perfect for any occasion, Japanese down jackets for female customers are available in many varieties of styles and models to help women enhance their outfit. For example, down jackets can be as elegant and chic as they are trendy and casual. Therefore, women’s down jackets are suitable for all occasions.

Moreover, Japanese down jackets are items that can be very well found in our wardrobes. Along with traditional Japanese clothing, such as men’s kimono and women’s kimono, Japanese down jackets will reflect your passion for Japanese fashion and its fascinating culture. And if you want to opt for a lighter outfit, while remaining in an urban style look, don’t forget to consider Japanese hoodie. These will complement your outfit, Japanese pants, cargo or skirts. You can also opt for a total look in black that will be even more stylish. The Japanese shorts will make a nice contrast with this garment.

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