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Logo supreme

Are you a fan of streetwear? You probably know the brand supreme, one of the most influential brands in the world thanks to its many collaborations and its successes with sales records, the brand where you wait 5 hours in front of a store to try to copy a garment, yes we are talking about supreme!

The brand embodies a logo symbolizing streetwear, with a simple logo.

The beginnings of Supreme

It all started in 1994 in New York when James Jebbia opened the first supreme store in midtown Manhattan, he wanted to acquire customers thanks to the urban fashion that had recently taken off in the city. He satisfied the demand of skaters and artists.

The store was originally intended to sell branded skateboard clothing such as Spitfire, Zoo York and Shorty’s.

But jebbia wanted to mark the occasion by releasing a unique t-shirt for the opening of his store. There were only three shirts!

The designs were simplistic and lacked identity according to a friend of Jebbia, he gave him a book describing the work and design of Barbara Kruger

Patineuse supreme

The first one, representing a skater of the 70s.

Travis Bickle

The second one is Travis Bickle, a main hero of the movie Taxi Driver released in 1976 and directed by Martin Scorsese

Premier t-shirt supreme

The third was a t-shirt with just the store’s logo.

The designs were simplistic and lacked identity according to a friend of Jebbia, he gave him a book describing the works and design of Barbara Kruger

Who is Barbara Krugger?

Barbara kruger

Barbara Kruger is an American artist, she was born in New Jersey in 1945. She knew how to be known thanks to these collages of black and white photographs juxtaposed with simple slogans and which attacks! The color used was white on a red background… Yes it’s the same colors as the supreme brand!

Barbara Krugger is a famous artist who also inspired OBEY for their streetwear brand.

Affiche de barbara kruger

The supreme brand was inspired by the posters created by Barbara Krugger.

Using the same font as the poster and with a red background, this is the supreme logo! James Jebbia has never denied that his logo was inspired by the posters of the artist Krugger, and Barbara has never filed a complaint against Supreme.

Barbara probably had very little chance of winning a lawsuit against Supreme, because she had no rights to the font used. She did, however, make a statement when Supreme sued the founder of Married to the Mob for a “Supreme Bitch” logo. Barbara Krugger called both parties “jokers” and said she wouldn’t be surprised if Supreme sued her for copyright infringement. The atmosphere between Supreme and Barbara Krugger is not at the appointment.

Variations of the supreme logo

The supreme brand has many variations inspired by these collaborations or by special occasions.


This logo was created on a t-shirt after the dramatic earthquake that took place in 2011 in Japan. All the profits from the sale were donated to the Japanese Red Cross Association. This logo uses the Japanese codes as the famous logo of the brand of snowscoot Jykk

LOGO supreme motion
LOGO supreme motion

This logo was inspired by the title of the movie “Goodfellas”.

Logo supreme New-york
Logo supreme New-york

This Supreme logo was inspired by a famous French fashion designer named André Courrège


Supreme makes many collaborations like this supreme logo mixed with the Louis Vuitton logo for a satisfying and luxurious result!

LOGO Supreme lacoste
LOGO Supreme lacoste

Lacoste and supreme out a collaboration in 2018!

LOGO supreme the north face
LOGO supreme the north face

2 brands of streetwear that meet for a collaboration of hell! their logos are put next to each other simply.

The logo boxes from supreme!

Sample Box Logo
Logo sample box

The sample t-shirt is one of the rarest t-shirts, the logo is hidden, but to each his taste!

Logo box grid
Logo grille box

The supreme logo squared for a shop opening in Tokyo more precisely in daikanyama. This logo was made to mark the opening of this new store in Tokyo.

There are two small details that you probably didn’t see! The blue dots at each corner of the supreme rectangle, it’s blue dots are recognizable when you want to crop an image on Photoshop or on your smartphone. There is also a mouse cursor at the bottom left of the rectangle, indicating that the work is in progress.

Sopranos box logo
Sopranos box logo

The Sopranos is a great TV series that has been a huge success! As supreme the brand has known a dazzling success!

In 1999 Supreme wanted to honor this fictional family from the United States by changing the r to pistoler which comes from the Sopranos logo.

Hebrew box logo
Hébreu box logo

A box designed for the opening of the shop in Los Angeles, this variant of the supreme logo, written in Hebrew, is a nod to the Fairfax district of Los Angeles, which was historically a center recognized by Jews in the city.

Coca-cola box logo
Coca-cola box logo

Coca cola a brand that looks strangely like supreme in terms of logo thanks to its red background and white writing. Supreme has done some remix logos with inspirations of other brand, as this logo inspired by that of Coca Cola, supreme has had several times of trademark violations.

Jackson pollock box logo
Jackson pollock box logo

A tribute to Barbara Kruger, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring, this box logo dates back to 1999 and shows Supreme’s penchant for the art world and creativity.

The box reinterprets a painting of Pollock, the brand supreme has not only interests for the community of skateboarders.

Logo of the Futura laboratories and the box of nonsense
Futura laboratories et silly thing box logo

To celebrate Futura’s famous art show at the Silly Thing store out of hong kon , supreme created a collaborative logo box shirt with a handwritten Futura logo for unmistakable originality by supreme on the front and a nice paint pattern with Futura Labs logos as well as Silly thing on the back.

Available colors: White/Black.

Mo'wax box logo
Mo'wax box logo

James Lavelle celebrated the 21st anniversary of Mo’wax his record label, he had already collaborated with brands like Nike, convers and BAPE. Supreme had to go to the pot one of the four! Thanks to the opening of an exhibition “Build and Destroy” of Mo’wax at the Saatchi Gallery in London. Fans had the opportunity to drop a Supreme t-shirt with Futura designs as well as the logos of M’o wax the house of dique and Build and Destroy on the back.

They had 50 pieces only!

Bape box logo
Bape box logo

Supreme and BAPE had at the time coherent paths for a collaboration, but in 2002 the collaboration made sense! A simple project, the supreme logo with camouflage patterns in the background.

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