Hokkaido, the northern island of Japan

Hokkaido is an island located in the north of Japan and is famous for its unique landscape: a frozen sea and mountains offering a breathtaking panorama. In winter, it offers an enchanting landscape and in summer, its mild temperature and its sites return breathtaking landscapes. In autumn, the island is filled with bright and attractive colors that make hikers and nature lovers fall in love.

Located near Siberia, Hokkaido is the second largest island of the Japanese archipelago. It has very diverse landscapes: forests, mountains, lakes, wild animals and large plains. It is a very famous destination for sport lovers like skiing, hiking and it has also natural sites all breathtaking as they are. Hokkaido has about 5 million inhabitants

Having an extremely harsh climate, in winter the temperature can go down to -20°C, with very often snow storms coming from Siberia. On the other hand, in summer, the temperature varies around 20°C: the reason why from May, Japanese people all turn to this destination to enjoy these beautiful landscapes.

What to do in Hokkaido during a trip to Japan?

Vacations always rhyme with discovery, wonder, relaxation or even sports for hiking lovers. In any case, in Hokkaido island, there is no lack of activities. We propose you here a small list of things to do during your stay in the island.

Participate in the Sapporo Snow Festival

This festival is very popular, which is why many people travel to the island in February to attend. A dazzling spectacle every year where you can admire huge snow sculptures illuminated at night.

Skiing at Niseko resort

A winter sport that also attracts a lot of people offering a 500km track

Taste the famous beer of Sapporo

A very diverse local specialty and gastronomy, Sapporo beer is also very popular and is one of the most popular beers in Japan.

Discover the island's national parks

No matter the season, the scenery in Hokkaido is still beautiful. Discover the island by walking in the park of your choice (Daisetsuzan Park or Akan National Park) in the middle of lakes, forests and volcanoes with a well protected and diversified fauna and flora.

Watching the Japanese cranes

They are very revered birds by the Japanese, as they symbolize longevity and good luck. Japanese cranes are beautiful.

Relaxing in a Noboribetsu onsen

What could be better than relaxing in a volcanic hot spring in the heart of the mountains after a long, hard day?

Contemplating the lavender fields in Furano

About two hours away from Sapporo is the beautiful town of Furano which is well known for its lavender cultivation. Overlooking the brightly colored lavender fields, you can take nice pictures.

An island with a thousand and one wonders, Hokkaido is not always the first destination that people take when talking about Japan yet it has everything to seduce you. Which island of Japan would you like to visit?

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