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What is a Sukajan?

Sukajans are jackets that have been around for many years. They are designed in the image of the blazers usually used to play baseball. These garments have satin, embroidery and some Japanese designs. During the post-war period, American soldiers dressed in Sukajan Jackets to celebrate their experience in Japan. Once used by aeronauts, these jackets are now an emblem of the culture of this leading Asian country. Sukajans are elegant garments with distinct characteristics.

How to wear a sukajan bomber?

Depending on the model you own, there are different ways to wear a sukajan bomber.
The oversize sukajan bomber
This garment is one of the most popular sukajan bomber styles among buyers. It can be worn both during the day and in the evening. However, there are some basic rules to follow depending on the time you choose to wear it. If you want to wear this outfit at night, it is advisable to focus on the details and materials. This will allow you to make your outfit more sophisticated. You can also make it the main piece of your look by opting for one of the following models: satin ;gold ; Sequined; lace; beaded.

To complete your outfit, you have the option of wearing shoes like boots and pumps. On the other hand, wearing an oversized sukajan bomber during the day is relatively easier. This garment model can be paired with other outfits such as: skinny jeans; a lightly fitted suit; a sober dress; a stretch pencil skirt; flat shoes.

On the other hand, you can wear a sober oversized bomber and match it to the rest of the outfit. The ideal is to consider the color of the accessories.

Vintage Sukajan

The vintage sukajan is a jacket model that offers a certain credibility to its wearer in the streets. It is a good quality, returnable jacket that represents a souvenir and an emblem of the land of the rising sun. Inspired by the style of the 49s and 50s, the vintage sukajan is made of rayon silk. One of its two sides is brown and mixed with gold. The second side is white and silver. This outfit is also hand-embroidered in silk with two birds.

In addition, it has the designation “Dick” on the chest. A large eagle is also engraved on the back of this jacket atop an American flag. Added to this are a few stars representing the 49s and 50s. In the center of the vintage sukajan, precisely above the bird, you will find the words “Japan”. In addition, the cuffs and collar are usually navy blue, white or yellow.

The white side displays black laces of Mount Fuji and flowers on the chest. Finally, sukajans are very popular jackets in Japan since their creation after World War II.

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