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What is a peaked cap?

Visorless caps, also known as flat caps or visorless baseball caps, are baseball style caps that do not have a visor in front. They have gained popularity in recent years and are now commonly worn as a fashion statement.

Visorless caps are often made of cotton or canvas and usually have an elastic band in the back for a comfortable fit. They are usually simple and sleek, with no obvious logo or pattern, making them easy to wear with a variety of outfits. This doesn’t stop the visorless cap designer from putting their logo and design on them.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, peaked caps also have practical benefits. They protect the scalp from the sun’s UV rays and can be worn to protect the eyes from the sun when you are outdoors. They are also ideal for sports activities, as there are models that allow air to circulate freely around the head, which can be appreciated by people who sweat a lot.

There are many variations of visorless caps on the market, ranging from basic models to more elaborate versions with bright patterns and colors. They come in many sizes and are usually convenient to find in clothing stores or online.

Are you looking for a cap that will complement your classic and streetwear look? Or are you looking for an original headpiece for your kids? Whatever your taste and style, there are peaked caps for everyone.

Visorless cap: a vintage accessory

Love streetwear, but have a penchant for vintage? The peaked caps are ideal to give you that halfway between streetwear and vintage!

The peaked cap is no more complicated to wear than a normal cap. A great accessory to distinguish yourself and assert your style.

They were worn by sailors, so yes, it is indeed a vintage accessory with taste!

The origin of the peaked cap

The trend of caps without visors is timidly appearing for a few years, it remains a niche accessory that will please only the most daring.

The first examples of these docker caps date back to the 1930s or so. They were nicknamed Miki Breton.

The origins are a bit unclear and there is little information on the subject. The most likely origin is that of the sailors, who used this cap without visor to protect them from cold and humidity, but also from minor shocks. The advantage was not to have a visor which was often useless at sea, the other advantage was that this cap did not cover the ears (important for a sailor to listen to the noise of his environment).

Time has passed and visorless caps have been revisited and redesigned to suit a wider audience.

What are the different types of caps and bonnets available?

The market offers a wide selection of unisex figures. Among the most popular is the docker cap or “bonnet”. It is very similar to a traditional cap, but it has no peak and sits on top of the head, covering the ears and neck. There is also the Breton hat, also called “Breton miki” or “woolen cap”. Its particular shape is characteristic: it offers a complete coverage and protects from rain or wind.

There are different types of solid colors and materials. Classic cotton can be dyed in pastel tones, while fleece is available in more intense colors. You can also find tweed, velvet, denim and even leather. Sizes generally vary depending on your age and head size: an adult will need a larger cap than a child.
How do I choose a visorless cap to match my classic or streetwear outfit?
There are different types of customization for the classic look and the more modern look. It’s up to you to choose the color and design that suits you.

For a classic look, we prefer classic and neutral colors like black, grey or beige. More luxurious materials such as leather, tweed or wool are also very appropriate. Moreover, they are perfect for colder and wetter weather, as they keep your head warm.

Where can I buy a nice, inexpensive peaked cap?

A wide range of caps and peaked caps are available on our Ryojin site. Most brands offer models at various prices. You can also search the internet for special offers and deals. It is possible to find quality caps that will stay in style for a long time, and for a reasonable price. At Ryojin we offer quality visorless caps with a streetwear style and a Japanese identity that will be incorporated into some caps to satisfy Japanese streetwear enthusiasts while having an excellent quality/price ratio.

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